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(1)Constitution:The make-up of the system is mainly consisting of solar modules, free-maintenance storage battery, intellectual controller and Inverter. The power is controlled by the intellectual controller, to be stored in the free-maintenance storage battery unit. It can directly supply DC load the power by the controller, also can transform the power into AC power through the inverter and provide AC load with the power.

(2)Application: Due to the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental protection, one-time investment, long-term benefit by the solar generation, it can be applied in the villa complexes, tourism villages, grassland pastoral areas, remote rural areas, high mountains and sea islands where sunlight is sufficient.

(3) Performance characteristics:
1, Wire-pulling and road-digging is not needed, convenient for installation.
2, One-time investment for the independent system, which can guarantee uninterrupted power supply for 20 years Storage battery should be generally replace every five years. The battery is free-maintenance and no environmental pollution.
(4) Analysis of the advantages:
1, It is no danger for exhaustion, definitely clean and no public hazard.
2, It is away from the resource distribution of geographical constraints, can generate electricity at the consumer’s place.
3, The quality of energy is high, the needed time
to get the energy is short.
4, It has no rotating components, no noise, no air pollution, no waste water emission, no combustion process. The fuel is not needed.
5, The maintenance is simple and cost is low.
6, The operation is reliable and stable. It is easy  to enlarge the scale of power generation according to the requirements.

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