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Product description: solar PV power station consists of solar modules, solar controller, storage battery arrays. The inverter is needed if the output power source is AC 220V or 110V. The function of each component is as follows:

(1)Solar modules: it is the core part of power generating system, and also the highest value of the system. It can transform the solar energy into electric energy, store the power into the storage battery, and to push the load to work. The quality and cost of solar modules directly decides the quality and cost of the whole system.

(2)Solar controller: It can make the whole system work at the best state, and provide the battery with overcharge protection and over-discharge protection. Place in a large temperature difference, qualified controller should also have temperature compensation function. Other additional functions, such as light-operated switch, time switch, are also the options of the controller.

(3)Storage battery: The storage gel battery is used in the off-grid PV system. In the small system, the nickel-cadmium battery and lithium battery can also be used. Its function is to store the electrical power generated from the solar module when in light, and release the energy when needed.

(4)Inverter: The 220VAC、110AC is used in many occasions. Due to the direct output of solar PV system is usually the 12DC and 24DC, the DC-AC inverter is used to transform the DC Power generated from the solar generating system into AC power, for providing the electrical appliances of 220VA、110VDC with power Energy. The DC-DC inverter is also used when many kinds of load voltage needed. For example, the power of 24DC is needed to be transformed into power of 5VDC.(Please notice: it not only effect on the voltage reduction.) 

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