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New Bill raised by Italy: 200 million Euros is used for the subsidy of solar PV power generation
Italy has raised a new bill set an annual subsidy budget, 500 million Euros in all, of which 200 million Euros is for solar PV power generation.
"We have originally expected a 700 million Euros subsidy for PV field, and may be more if plused other renewable energy. " said disappointedly by Marco Pigni, director in APER of Italy.
Another compelling thing is the scale range of PV stations who need to register. According to the bill, if the PV station  between 12~20KW lessens 20% subsidy, it might not need to register, so do stations adopting technology and concentrating technologies.
New subsidy bill will take effect after 45 days when original 6 billion Euros in accumulated year goes up to the upper limit. The renewable energy thing will enter into force in Jan 1st, 2013.

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