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Reported in July 3rd, British Southern Commission examined and approved the biggest PV project in Britain, with a 8MW installed base in total, and adopted 28,000 PV modules. Though existing the uncertainty of British subduction subsidy, it means unstopped development in Britain's PV market.
The project was near South Brent, Devon, Britain,  planned to operate in the end of August this year. The project developer said the power generated by the power station can provide electricity with nearly 2500 households.
The first quarter of this year, renewable electrical energy production went up by 11%, 7.7% for the same period in last year, but the PV station only occupied a small part.
Due to the British Government Plan of subducting Feed-in Tariff with a more quickly speed than expected, British PV industry has been inflicted heavy losses, made many investors surprised and cut down the newly installed bases.
The policy of subducting Feed-in Tariff initially released in Dec, 2011, led to a large-margin dip of new-construction projects. Before one week of the policy, the amount of new project registration was nearly 30,000, however, it changed into 812 in a week after the policy.
The latest round of subducting subsidy has been postponed to August this year. In March and April, the amount of new construction was very low, caused hard prediction by project developers on the support strength of developing futural projects.
The 8MW project located in Devon will acquire subsidy through ROCs (renewable energy power station project which is more the 5MW is available for the ROCs).
At present, the British renewable energy accountability certificate plan has been under deliberation. The British PV industry will see subsidy being down in 2015, being decreased in 2016 again.

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